Some basic UI clarity- please consider some of these for next (4.0) patch series, Frogboy?

Posted on Monday, August 5, 2019

1. Remove trade lines from the main map completely, with a simple toggle for my own. There is no point in showing them at all like that anymore as you cannot raid them and don't need to locate them any more right? It makes for a lot of line clutter: range border, trade, hyperlanes, influence borders all blinking and ant-crawling around. UGH!

1a. Consider NEVER showing trade lines that don't involve me unless I have at least basic intrigue level with one of the races involved... And even then don't display this on the map at all, just list it in the intrigue screen below all the other info as simple pairs with rates (if that).

2. When a ship is selected, why is there no range circle or a line link to where i am hovering my mouse that shows whether or not the ship can make it there this turn without me clicking and committing? This seems pretty basic.

3. Last item built at a colony when you go there?

4. Put the repeatable colony buildables always at the TOP of the list so scrolling to bottom in late game never has to happen... again, and again, and again especially in a large Empire. Or make items not buildable disappear completely under a tab.

5. Why no simple click on a ship design in the menu for the dockyard and then no button to simply obsolete at that level to unclutter the list easier? Its buried under the design new ship menu. Ok this one is minor, but that list gets so cluttered up by the basic offers of the game which I never use...

6. There is no way to find your space lane generator thingies in a list like starbases or shipyards or colonies now that I know of. I've actually lost one that was not activated before... ah well, an Empire's administration is often at fault for many bad things....