Why don't the government colony limits simply scale...

Posted on Friday, August 2, 2019

Was this discussed in alpha or beta of this game at all? (You loyal old timers know?).

Wouldn't it be nice if the colony limits for government were something like:

Colonialism: 2 + 0.5(the total number of initial habitable planets in the galaxy +/- a random amount about 20% of that total so you never know the exact habitable count.)  So if there were 100 habitable planets, you would get 2 + 0.05(100 + (rnd-20 to 20)) or  6 to 8 as the initial setting in your game depending on the RND.

Initial Imperial could be 0.07 x the rest... which would be 8 to 10

And of course singularity or whatever that one is could still be unlimited...

Wouldn't something like this solve the scaling problem? Although I could see this being an optional thing for those who just want to factor out limits like this entirely (I'm not one of those).

I wonder if I could insert the math into a XML, if those enums are defined (total habitable planets, etc.?