Galactic Civilizations III v3.8 Ascension Update Available Today!

UI layout updates include new Ascension UI, font color and size corrections, and more.

Posted on Thursday, August 8, 2019

Galactic Civilizations III v3.8 Update Brings Major UI Changes

Set in the 23rd century, Galactic Civilizations III is a 4X space strategy game where humans and aliens compete against each other for domination of the galaxy. v3.8 brings a few exciting changes to this already massive game, which you can read more about below.

No more sneaky Ascensions! At the forefront of the update are changes to the Ascension notifications and UI. Each civilization's progress is now displayed on an easy-to-read progress bar, and anytime someone gains control of an Ascension crystal, an icon will alert you to it. 

The shipyard display now shows how much production is being sent to that shipyard so that you know how fast it's able to build things. The planet list views will now also show research.

We've also made some other improvements to the UI's layout, including updating screens so that they use fonts, colors, and font sizes consistently. We've also added a feature where you can adjust the difficulty level in the middle of a game. Read the full list of changes below!


  • As soon as someone controls an Ascension crystal, have an icon show up and informs you that Ascension has started. Mousing over should show you how far along each civ with Ascension is from ascending as a % bar with (turns).
  • UI Layout updates
    • Updated most screens to use fonts, colors, and font sizes consistently.
    • Made fonts bigger wherever possible.
    • General cleanup of margins and list entries wherever possible.
    • Removed extra returns from the "word on the street" blurbs.
    • Move some of the drop-downs in options screens to keep them from clipping.
  • You can now adjust the difficulty level mid-game through the options screen (single player only).
  • Starting ships don't append a number to their name unless another ship of the same design has already been spawned. This is to support custom flavorful names for core starting ships from starting ship designs
  • Updated starting ship names of factions added to the game after Crusade.
  • Shipyard display now shows how much production is being sent to that shipyard, so you know how fast it can build things.
  • Fixed an issue causing the unit buttons from not showing up in Medium UI on the Colony List screen.
  • Planet view list now displays research
  • Aliens can now be tagged as being available or unavailable as random civilizations
  • Fixed Tourism exploit in Crusade version of the Consulate
  • The AI has been ordered to stop freezing time to keep its mission ships safe (stuck turn fix)
  • Addressed "word on the street" grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Removed duplicate planet data in crusade and base game data folders that could potentially cause bad things(TM)
  • Adjusted the choose civ screen to improve text wrapping
  • Fixed alignment issue on the Drath starting screen
  • Fixed a bug that prevented commanders from being assigned to United Earth ships

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