The four things needed

Posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

First of all this company reminds me of old school Bethesda circa Morrowind’s release you guys just go for it. Sometimes you really overreach but the vision and plan itself are greatness. To me there are merely four things holding back this game from true greatness. 

1st Is for everyone is there anyway government colony caps can be based on number of available planets that can be colonized. Well I say everyone but I can just ignore colony caps as synthetic with out much of a problem.

2nd Even though I rarely play carbon based life I do feel they are at the serious mercy of random generation. I think their should be a way to seed a planet with a farm that requires a special resource and maybe max a hard limit of 3 farms per planet so someone doesn’t just spam farms on a single planet and farmer that planet to the max. Because right now if a synthetic or silicone life over expands it gimps humans from then on out because they will burn arable land. 

3rd Administrators for synthetic and silicone are lacking I am fine with the system I just wish I had access to the same building as carbon based life so I could use a tile to get another one. I would probably build one of these one every planet I took so I could use my citizens for something else. 

4th Resource diversity, here you are still at the mercy of the map and I think that is ridiculous. If the spawns are lacking you can be overly hindered. I know this would be a dramatic change but the black market I set up in another post or even adding new missions to make sure that all resources are acquirable is something that is solely needed. This way to get resources should be a last resort. I am fine with the cost to acquire scarce resources being very high.