Black market

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2019

In my current game I haven’t uncovered any of the resources I’ll need for the late game. I asked for a second market place before  but feel it now might be essential, I like the artifacts yes some are ridiculously overpowered but I consider them when colonizing, but they take up a lot of slots and reduce resource diversity.

Maybe it cost X4 what the regular market cost and if the regular market is out than it cost X10 so a missing resource would be 10k


Black market would be available to all governments.

It would have unlimited supply but things would be very costly. I think 10k for one resource is a high enough amount with the way the economy is now.

People wouldn’t use the black market unless they were rolling in $$$$ like in the endgame or unless they were unable to trade for a resource.



thoughts? I’m ignorant  of programming but with the existing market place I don’t think that would require a lot of man hours to implement and it would be a huge quality of life for realizing 150 turns in that there isn’t a drop of that sweet sweet pollen to be found ANYWHERE.


My current game is sitting. Haven’t played in a week. Simply because I fear I will be missing part of the late game fun.