Coming back: GC III 3.7 is a real shock, unfun?

Posted on Friday, July 12, 2019

I've been off fixated on World of Warships for 2.5 years.  I decided to try GCIII again, since I've enjoyed GC since the OS/2 days.  My install was still at 2.23 (?) and I played the Tutorial to get used to the UI again, then a Milky Way campaign on Normal.  Easy win.

So I let Steam update to the current version, 3.7, and am running the Tutorial again.  What a shock!  Compared with the previous version, the Terran position has been nerfed into the ground23 turns to build the first Factory?!?  Population capped at 3, even with a Farm??  New "Assist" buildings that are too expensive to build?

Meanwhile running a consistent deficit with no apparent means to control it as in GC2?

Resources in the (very small) visible galaxy reduced to a little Duranthium, Elerium, and Antimatter that isn't useful; totally missing Thulium that might be now, through the new terraforming?  SB mining yields reduced by 90%!?!  Relics that provide a small fraction of a boost...

The Iconian is friendly enough, as always, but has influence so great that it simply swamps any attempt at expansion.  My new planet lasted all of two turns, defecting without warning.  It gives you some nice techs that serve to mask the fact that your research abilities are a bad joke.

75 turns in and as best I can tell, my hope of success is that that Drenghi has been nerfed even worse, and we might have a successful battle sometime before I die of old age.

I'm seriously considering going back to GC II.  I still have an unpublished variant that should be a lot of fun.


P.S. Was that the shortest Summer Sale on record?  I was going to buy something (more fool me) but the sale seems to be over...