Bug? Design Choice? Flat value no longer acts like it did.

Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2019

I read in the patch notes that the Precursor Worlds that granted a Resource bonus (Promethion World for example) got fixed. Yeah!

Or is it? The Flat value for this now acts like the OneTime value, for example this code used to grant 0.2 per turn and now only grants 0.2 or in game terms, nothing:-


Changing <Value>0.2</Value> to 2 will grant 2 of said resource. I am thinking you fixed the wrong value maybe? (Flat instead of OneTime) This code still works as intended for improvements, they still grant a per turn value not a one time value. Just thought I would point that out. Its frustrating as hell how some Values work one way for one thing and a totally different way for others.

My understanding of the system when OneTime was added (Crusade I think) that we would have 3 values to play with, Multipliers (%), Flat (Per Turn) and OneTime (One Off), it used to work this way, it does and does not now.