Posted on Saturday, June 22, 2019

So I stomped the snathi because they tried to settle the world I wanted then went to murder the Altarians because those blue mofo snuck a tech victory on me last game because I wasn’t paying attention. After I demolished their armies and realized I was unstoppable I got bored and rushed to finish the game. Now since I wasn’t focusing that hard I hadn’t teched the relics well when I did it turned my timeline into vertical graphics and my my unstoppable force become basically invincible however after using some precursor relics and scientists I had “borrowed” from the altarians to force a quick finish via tech I got one of the lower scores I have gotten. I felt like I stomped the game and made the AI my bish. I just don’t understand why I scored so low I thought I did pretty good.


does the game think I cheated?

looking at the timeline it sure looks like I did but I hadn’t upgraded my relics all game and then put like 20 of them to max 


playing on gifted. Immense with 6 AI opponents.