Unbalanced weapon effect/cost ratios

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2019

I've made a point in a differnt thread that I don't think weapons should use special resources (maybe with very few exceptions). It would be ok, if upgrading a ship didn't require paying these resourcces over and over again.

Even worse, many of these weapons aren't worth getting (most, IMHO). Here are some examples of the most glaringly unbalanced weapons:

1. Mass drivers / Prototype Durantium Driver:


Where is the point of getting this weapon instead of just Mass Driver, unlocked at the same level, with the very same tech:

According to the displayed stats, these are the exact same. Except for use of special resources.

2. Missiles / Prototype Antimatter Missile:

Why would anyone want to spend a special resource for just 2 points of damage, when the much older sparrow missile would already deal 3:

Yes it has a higher construction cost, but in the age of war, that's typically just a minor consideration.

Moreover, the Harpoon unlocked with the same tech does deal 5 damage instead of just 2:

3. The higherlevel missiles are even worse than the PAM, costing 2, 4, or even 8 units of Antimatter! Really? Why would anyone want to employ this

when he just could use that:

Four antimatter for +20% damage? That's ridiculous. Just use a fleet damage booster instead - that's 1 Antimatter and serves the entire fleet rather than just one weapon on one ship!

4. There are many more examples of special weapons with bad efficiency/cost ratio, but often it' hard to judge, because several other stats come into play. However, when weapons differ so much that it's hard to decide which is the better, why would anyone use the ones that use a special resource?!


P.S.: I've noticed that in some cases there are subtly different textual descriptions. If that indicates that the special weapon does offer some other advantage, then clearly this is a case of bad communication: The weapon stats in the tool tips do not show accuracy, range, or rate of fire. But if there is a significant difference for some weapons, it really should be displayed! Otherwise, how should anyone know??