Bug: Special resources need to be paid over and over again with each ship upgrade

Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2019

When upgrading a ship that has modules which consume special resources such as Prometium or Durantium, the special resource cost needs to be paid again, even if those modules remain the same.

E. g. when I build a fighter with two pulse cannons and then want to upgrade it to a fighter with two pulse cannons and a shield, I need to pay 2 Durantium for the upgrade, even though I do not add any module needing Durantium, I just add to a design that already used Durantium for it's weapons.

This makes special ship modules doubly ineffective: for one they're consuming special resources which are needed for plenty of other tasks, and then they make upgrading unbearably expensive.

I labeled this as a bug: please don't tell me this is by intent, because upgrade (and rush build) costs are already way out of whack without this!