Newbie help

Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2019

I recently purchased GC3 and looking for help/advice getting to learn it.  I purchased the GC3 Crusade and it came with a Mega Event and Crusade expansion pack DLC.

So I have a few general questions about learning and a few specific questions that came up while playing an initial game.

The general questions is, can anyone recommend a good guide to learning GC3?  I've searched and read/viewed some already, but finding a guide applicable to the version I have and a good quality guide is a bit daunting with all the guides out there.  I bought the GC3 package that includes the Crusade addition with Mega Events and Crusade Expansion Pack DLC.

After reading through a manual I found, I decided to start with the V2.33 beta sandbox.  Once I learn that I'm planning on playing the campaign in the 2.33 version.  If this is a bad way to start please suggest something different and why.

A couple of specific questions I have from my 1st game.  I can not find the color wheel where you can adjust the balance between research, wealth, and manufacturing.  The economy screen looks much different than the manual?  Am I missing something, or has that function changed in the version I'm using?  If it has changed is there any direct way to manipulate this balance?

Another question is regarding trade negotiations with opponents.  I have one opponent that keeps trying to propose me giving open borders as part of a trade.  What is the downside to giving open borders to your opponents?  I have tried counter offers, but it seems as they want WAY to much for any counter offer I suggest.  Any tip son trade negotiations with your opponents?

Finally in general, I 've sound the manual and the wiki lacking in relevant details.  Any suggestions on a better source for game information?

Thanks for any help.