Two monitors, can you use ones with two different native reso?

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Greatings Stardockians and gamers. I currently have 27" 1080p Monitor. Its refresh is 60 hz. I love it and it seems to work great. 

My video card is a 1070 GTX, my processor is 8700K and my ram is 32 gigs. 

I am really considering this as a second monitor on my desk >


Now can my video card run two monitors? I have a back up GTX 970 which i can put in if needed. Can different refresh and different monitors be done this way and can you use two different video cards this way as well? 


I was going to keep the 1080p for the 'side' monitor we use for internet and searches while the larger 32" 1440p for gaming. 


Is this feasible or should I just stick to one monitor?