Bug and fix suggestion for Synthetic race factory

Error in ImprovementDefs.xml

Posted on Sunday, April 28, 2019

Unlike any other building of similar type, the first level factory for Synthetic races offers a FLAT modifier of 0.01 units per level for adjacency bonuses. All other factory and research buildings use MULTIPLIER modifiers here.

This obvious bug can be fixed in ImprovementDefs.xml like this:

1. Search for the line <InternalName>ManufacturingYor</InternalName>

2. then locate the group <LevelEffectStats> within this improvement definition

3. change the line <BonusType>Flat</BonusType> within this group to <BonusType>Multiplier</BonusType>


P.S.: this refers to GC3Crusade. I don't know if this bug is still present in later expansions.