Request for 3.7

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

I know that 3.7 is primarily a QOL fix but could you please fix the Government ships being used as survey vessels and the AI not doing any influence checks before settling colonies. The first one is just annoying and handicaps the AI vs the player, if the AI cannot be taught to use them just turn them into survey ships and give the Governments extra bonuses. The second issue on large maps and higher difficulties is game breaking. In my current game, the AIs have now colonized 9 planets within 8 turns that instantly flipped on a ludicrous (Abundant, Abundant, Abundant) map with 20 opponents on Genius. That pretty much ends the game in my favor. In the past it was not such a deal but with growth dialed down so much this just defeats the purpose, all the player needs to do is establish a strong zone of influence and wait. As long as relations are kept good, the AI will just keep giving away planets once it has run out of good planets to colonize in its area. 

I can mod the Government ships and Governments, Horemvore did that in the past, but a colonization influence check is out of my toolbox and skill level.