Evolution of Hyper Gates

Stabilizing Wormholes

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

When I first heard that Hyper Gates were being added I thought "great".  I've since learned that they're more like adding roads (or space lanes) than what I imagined.  In all honesty, that is "great"; as it did not bypass the technologies that I think should be included.  Those being ones that allow wormholes to be stabilized.

So, my thoughts are such: Establish a Starbase near a wormhole in order to study it (similar to how one does with the various crystals or whatever they're called).  Next, and prior to entering said wormhole, build a Hyper Gate (or something similar) around the wormhole (in order to stabilize that end of it).

Mind you, if you go through at this point the other end will still randomly shift it's exit point.  But, if you've studied and stabilized it long enough you will have discovered where the other end is situated (without going through).

Your next task is to get to that other end and stabilize it (with another Hyper Gate or whatever) and you will finally have a fully stabilized wormhole.

You're final step will be to add technological improvements that allow you to traverse the wormhole in both directions; as, for now, it's still only a one way trip.

Of course, I'm well aware that stable wormholes have always been "poo-poo'd" in the past.  However times change and Hyper Gates should evolve!