Is there a problem with AI surrender?

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

In my 3 games so far, I feel like the AI is surrendering a little too easily.

Right after Altarian surrender

A few turns before surrender

This is not the first time it happenned since the last few patches.
Basically, a race that seems to have a lot of ships, a lot of planets, a lot of techs, a lot of credits just surrenders to an ally (or an ennemy) while far from being defeated.

In this savegame, the Altarian surrendered to me (we were allies from game start), while they still seem farther in advance than their ennemies.

In another game, the Korath surrendered after taking 2 or 3 of my planets.

Maybe it's ok, but it looks suspicious to me.

If a developper could look at that and verify that nothing wrong is happening, I'd be grateful.


P.S. Also support ticket #QOR-458-72231  (I thought it didn't work, my browser was having issues)