Auto Build

Auto Build

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Some great community updates and a nice DLC.  Nice work.   Although i must admit i still cringe every time i encounter one of the plastic children's cartoon chars from Star Control. Compared to the artwork on the chars from the latest DLC these look really cheap and immersion breaking.

Anyway as to why I'm posting here.

After reading many posts on the subject and seeing many promises that it will be implemented in the future still nothing happens.

I really love to play on the largest maps with max opponents.  Or at least i did at one time, now its near impossible without an Auto Build button on colonies. With over a hundred planets You can spend up to half an hour every turn just updating build cue's.

Is it really impossible to have it build "X" unless an upgrade is available and once the upgrade is built return to "X".

And do i really have to redesign my ships every tine i want to change DEf/ATT on my fleet, cant we have the shipyard focus sliders back.

And last and probably least.  Would it be really so inconceivable that a starbase could handle Commerce/mining/Artifacts all on one base, I mean just add more rings.

Thanks for Your time, I love this game and have played it forever.  But really miss the larger maps.

Cheers Alan.T.