Flavor Text Problems

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

I'm having problems getting flavor text to appear in the game when using the flavor text editor and Steam workshop.

When GalCiv3 was first released I made a mod and began editing the flavor text to add more conversations, to add more types of conversations and to fix problems in the flavor text.  I have doing it since then without a problem and have added a lot to the available flavor text when I'm using my mod.

Now that the flavor text editor exists and flavor text support has, supposedly, been added to the Steam workshop, I edited the flavor text in my mod to eliminate everything that wouldn't work except in my mod and uploaded the resulting flavor text to Steam, then subscribed to it.

I deactivated my mod and started a new game.  My flavor text did not appear in the game.  I played long enough to see several instances of it, but none appeared.  I then put the flavor text from Steam into in a mod, and it appeared.  There is nothing wrong with the flavor text.  It just doesn't appear in the game when in the FlavorText directory.

I have all expansions and DLC.  This is with Retribution 3.5.  I have now tried the 3.6 opt-in with the same result.

Also, when I go to the workshop in Steam and check for flavor text, none is available.  When I go to the workshop from GalCiv3, flavor text is available.  I have tried Resync Mods, but that didn't help.