[MOD] Artifact Mod

Posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Seilore's Artifact Mod v1.02.3.6

Edit: 3/13/19 updated to correct text for PrecursorTempleArtifact to display 2,500 influence points.

Edit: 4/08/19 Fix Game Bug - Prometheus Stone now produces Prometheus Stone not Promethion.  This is important as there is at least one artifact that requires this trade resource to upgrade.  

Change to Nano Fabricator to provide 50 production points instead of 25.

Change to Betatron Collider to cause 10% damage to a fleet instead of 25%.  I felt that the 25% was to overpowered. 

Must have Retribution for this mod to work:  Please let me know how it works and any changes you would recommend.


All Artifacts are able to be endlessly researched (upgraded), however, they all now have a soft cap where it gets more expensive the more times that one researches the artifact.  In this version they all cap at 11 upgrades and then act as they do in the unmodded game in which they can continue to be researched if one meets the requirements.  Please provide feedback on how fast the price goes up and if I need more steps before they cap. The first three upgrades match the unmodded game except for the following tweaks.


 - NanoFabricatorArtifact03 only gave one artifact charge, now gives two as NanoFabricatorArtifact02 gives two.

 - Corrected text for NanoFabricatorArtifact02_ShortDec to match context of other artifacts that provide multiple charges.

 - DimensionalMirrorArtifact03 only gave one artifact charge, now gives two as DimensionalMirrorArtifact02 gives two.

 - PrecursorTempleArtifact provides 2,500 influence points instead of 10,000.


All additional researches beyond the third do not have a technology prerequisite.  Even though each additional artifact research goes up in cost one will get additional charges.


Special thanks to:

 - Gauntlet for pointing me in the right direction.

 - CariElf for glancing at my very first attempt and letting me know why it was crashing, along with suggestions on how to bypass.

 - Rhonin_the_wizard for identifying the artifacts xml.