[TOOL] GC3 Auto-Save Manager

Posted on Monday, March 11, 2019

Hi people.

I'd like to present a tool for automatically handling GC3 auto-saves 'cause one-autosave policy is a (single) real flaw of GC3. Tool watches GC3 saves directory and renames auto-saves automatically. Also, it has an ugly a beautiful console interface:

It requires python3 and pywin32, run `pip install pywin32` in the console after installing python (without quotes).

Can't see any possibility to attach a file, so here is an external download link:

(No harmful code inside, it's a simple python script and you can examine it in any text editor.)

Unpack archive and run `` either by double-cllicking or using a console. Use Ctrl-C to exit.

Troubleshooting: I'm not really familiar with Windows' folder localization madness, but if a tool fails to find savegame directory, look for "Documents/My Games/GC3Crusade/Saves" in py file and change ""Documents/My Games" part to what it actually is.