[MOD] Weapons and Defenses

Posted on Monday, March 11, 2019

Hi there,

This is a mod that rework from the ground the damage and defense of 'standard' components, i.e. the main line of techs for kinetic, beam, missile and then corresponding defenses.

Compatibility: Vanilla-compatible, and thus GRM-compatible.

It also add a description to all weapons, something more interesting to read (hopefully). There is a detailed readme for people interested, otherwise:

TL;DR (short readme)
This mod adds description for all weapons, and rework all their damages and the corresponding defenses. In addition to the standard rock-paper-scissor game, you'll learn that although kinetic weapons still do a lot of damage, they can be protected from much more easily than beams. Beams don't do great damage, but defenses against them are always low. Missiles are middle of the road. There are a few others subtleties too to that.

Kinetic: Lot of damage, can be easily protected from, low mass, low cost, low range
Beams: low damage, hard to protect from, average in range, mass, cost
Missile: middle of the road, good initial damage, low rate of fire and nice range