Unable to install GRM Mod

Posted on Sunday, March 3, 2019

After setting up a new system, setup Steam and downloaded GC3. I'd setup this before on my prior system and it was all working.

I checked the mod checkbox, verified in the settings text file.

I copied everything where it is supposed to be, verified it is there, checked to ensure that the folders were the right ones (saved games save to the folder in my games, the latest update updated the games folder, etc - as in I got the right folders)

The factions ships don't load, the GRM mods do not load.  I've been trying for days (figured maybe the latest version would work, so I upgraded to the new GC3 update and downloaded the latest GRM mods today) - deleted the existing files (that weren't loading) and replaced them.  Still didn't work.

Checked the error log, and it tells me it couldn't load the files, but nothing actually useful (like where it was trying to load the files from) - the file names match and exist in the right spots.

I have no idea what next steps I should take to solve this as I've found I enjoy the game with this mod (and the population mod by another author, which I don't know if that will work now with the new version, but, if I can get this to work, I'll have to see)

Anything I could be forgetting, missing, etc - would be appreciated.