Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2019

How often do the artifacts generate their rewards?  I've noticed one almost right away after built then another appeared later.  Or is it only after you upgrade the building?  Does this mean once fully upgraded that tile is worthless?  Why don't the tiles combine instead of adding duplicates upon duplicates?  I don't see the value on keeping the tiles separate.  You could just have it show you the planet(s) that is producing said artifact.

I would have asked the last question during beta, however, even though I was a founder and asked to be included on discord I was not included in the beta.

Edit:  Another question as I'm playing it appears many artifacts can be upgraded continually at the end of them, so answering my above question, giving the player additional charges, however, the Chimirac Biomass (which terriforms an additional tile) doesn't provide that option.  is this a bug (broken) or working as intended.  Maybe the others that allow continued upgrades are a bug but I wanted to make sure.