Drath Shipset Retribution

Posted on Friday, February 22, 2019


Really enjoying the latest expansion, i really enjoy the emergent game play based on which artifacts you can find and the subtle gameplay tweaks with the hyper gate system and sending resources between colonies, good stuff.

That said, i was slightly disappointed to see that the Drath shipset is exactly the same as the prior 'Drath' shipset that was released in a smaller campaign, the one released with the korx shipset. This could just be a misunderstanding on my part, but from the description of the expansion, i was under the impression from this quote:

"New Major Civilizations - The Drath and the Korath are back! The manipulative Drath pull the strings across the galaxy while the Korath rely on extermination. Each has its own set of special abilities, bonuses, and ship parts."

That they would have a new shipset to come alongside there introduction. the previous set is named exactly the same and unless im missing something, they are identical. the original release came in the alterian prophecy dlc pack:

"Customize your ships with classic ship styles! This DLC includes the Drath and Korx styles."

In any case just thought id get some clarification on this, the ship sets and styles are some of the biggest draws for me. I was a bit reserved with the lack of any race in the intrigue expansion but enjoyed it all the same, it can be said that races are really just aesthetic differences considering you can make whatever race in the civ creator (great feature) but its definitely something i look forward to exploring with each release.

Thanks for your continued investment in this series!