Mod to make it easier to see which hexes are visible to your ships/starbases/whatever?

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Hi, I asked this question over on the main forum but I'm thinking that maybe this is something I should ask here instead.

Maybe I have missed how to do this, but I've always been struggling a bit in the game to easily see which hexes are visible to one of my ships or other entities. If I zoom in and slide the map around a bit I can see the background of the galaxy move in those spaces visible to me while the others remain black. For instance, in the screenshot I've linked to below, it is hard to determine which hexes around some of the ships are being watched. Is there a setting or a mod that would tint or otherwise highlight all the hexes that I can currently see? Thanks for any help!

Someone replied I should turn on the grid, but I have the grid on. Here is what I replied.

I have the grid on, but the grid shows even if I can't currently see that hex. It seems the grid is displayed wherever I have traveled and looked once, but not necessarily where I am currently able to see.

Maybe if I change the background "galaxy" image which I can see through the 2D plane to something lighter and consistent?

So that is where I am at right now. I did poke around in the install folder, trying to find that image used to provide the galaxy background that you can see through the exposed hexes once you travel over the 2D black plane in the game. I couldn't find it, but that doesn't mean it isn't there <sigh>. So any help would be appreciated. For all I know, one of you bright folks already whipped up this mod years ago and I just missed it