Proposal for Mine Fields

Posted on Friday, February 15, 2019

Please allow me to propose a way to make mines interesting and UNIQUE

*****Ideas for different types***

  damages systems or hull - basic

****black hole mine - only can be detonated once of course***

 1. 3 units are used to lay a black hole mine

2. any ship , including friendly detonates by entering hex or adjacent to hex

 3. any ship in the hex when detonated is destroyed, any adjacent ship is pulled into the hex and has a 50/50 chance of destruction, all ships effected by the mine are inactive until next turn

 4. no effect on moons planets , asteroids or bases but would destroy a gate or shipyard

**** proposal of bonzai ship using a black hole bomb the ship holding a black hole bomb may detonate itself and create the effects of the mine *** a nice surprise attack , jolly deadly old boy ...

*** the ARGONNE accumulator mine ***

1. it charges up whenever ships pass by or are adjacent - by draining energy from passing ships

2. if an enemy ship ends movement near the AA , the damage is dealt based on how much the AA has accumulated , it gets stronger as the game goes on and is not used up or removed. perhaps the AA would require more resources to place

**** Dispersion Mine ***

1. placed as normal

2. 50/50 chance of effect - cheaper to place

3. the ship detonating the dispersion mine is thrown a number of hexes in a random direction - based on its drive strength - think of it as an engine malfunction

4. damage can also occur

note : the Mines would only be visible by friendly forces and revealed by sweeper modules or ships - The SPIDER placed on a ship could be used to detect them as well.

1. mine fields can be pre-located if you are in a campaign

2. mine fields can be used to decrease the movement ability of the opponent and/or damage or destroy ships

3. they affect only the movement of the opposing players (unless detonated near or in the hex you have your ships)

4. they would affect any ship passing through or in a 1 hex radius (enemy)

5. damage would vary based on tech

6. all ships in the hex are effected equally , adjacent hexes would be a percentage

7. the exception to no friendly damage would be null if there are any ships in or nearby due to detonation ( a friendly ship cant set it off)

8. you could lose shields or weapons permanently , drives, sensors, anything due to unpredictable results, as of now , I dont think there is a way to damage a system permanently - if you have a commander , he could be killed.

9. the mines are only removed by the mine sweeper ship or module

10. I think it might be better if the mines continue to detonate until removed making it worth your while to lay them

11. perhaps to make them more deadly shields would not prevent damage , I consider that the mine would be a surprise and the shields would be down


1. the cargo ship could have mine laying modules - perhaps a certain number created when manufacturing , choose how many units to carry.

2. if you want a mine in a hex just choose the option as you would a starbase.

3. the mine is active immediately at end of turn


the mine sweeper must begin its turn adjacent to the mine to remove it - choose as you would any other action - Im not sure if the minesweeper should be used up since the crew disarms it - limit one mine field removed per turn giving the player a chance to defend his mines


Please let me know if you have better ideas for how it could work.