Custom Factions (Save/Load/Copy..) buggy situations.

Losing m personal Colors from Appearance section.

Posted on Monday, January 7, 2019

Not sure if anyone also has experienced this wacky flaw but..

When we create a new copy of a custom Faction "file" to re-process whatever elements.. our pre-defined "Appearance" colors (swatches) are reset to whichever defaults the engine seem to just pick at random. Lost & Gone!

Luckily i had made some "backup" references in that case and could re-create those values.. but it certainly now feels like that process is broken -- reproducible i should add.
Just doesn't make any sense we would lose all of that stuff on a simple but important "Copy" attempt. Cannot be trusted anymore, AFAIC.

Can someone confirm this? And if so.. any solution/fix planned by a future SD update?