UI annoyances/problems v3.2 and future suggestions

Posted on Friday, January 4, 2019

In short the goal of this thread is to post what UI problems you have in gal civ III and maybe give suggestion for things that could use changing. I recently played my first full game of gal civ III (never bothered to go on after I've "won") and kept track of what I couldn't find or things that I really needed in the UI at certain points. Here's what I've found:

  1. First of the settings button on the start-up screen is looking in the wrong directory for the .ini file, I think.
  2. In the main options menu of the game there is no reset to default button, I had to manually delete the .ini file to reset everything. The same goes for the galaxy setup menu where such a button is also missing, I think it's always nice to have a good idea for what settings a game is balanced/designed. 
  3. Maybe some buttons on the galaxy creation screen to deactivate mercenaries and determine the amount of precursor worlds. Due to hardware restrictions I usually only play on medium maps, sometimes large both with fewer habitable worlds. Because of this the bonusses that those provide are significantly stronger. This could also be balanced but this is a far easier solution.
  4. Icons for black holes, elerium, antimatter and nebulae to be visible for people who turn off particles. They are invisible unless you zoom out if you want to play with particles off for whatever reason. I tried to change the distance for the icons to appear but I couldn't get the icons for nebula, black holes, etc. to appear zoomed in.
  5. Tooltip for special planets like desert planet could be a bit more easier to open because you need to hold your cursor slightly below the word.
  6. Support modules for increased fire and damage for the entire fleet don't tell with what value they increase it.
  7. The tooltip or description of a tech not showing everything it gives. I'm not completely sure but I always have a celebrity after I research the first entertainment tech while this is not listed in the description.
  8. Some specializations might be wrongly described in the trade screen. In a trade I was offered a logistics specialization, the first one you get in the engineering tech tree. I was sure I already had that specialization because I never really picked another one at that point. After I accepted the trade I looked in the tech tree and I had high capacity hulls and the logistics one. I'm not completely sure because I don't know how to check that before I made the trade.
  9. Corrosive world has the desciption of a frozen world.
  10. The stat or report tab in the civilization menu, I can't remember which one but the one that ranks your civilization on a buch of statistics. On the left the tab gives the different statistics and on the right it shows how your civ is ranked compared to the other ones. It would be far easier to read if every other line was coloured or if there were lines between them.
  11. In the diplomacy screen it would be nice to have an overview of where all your diplomats are. The ones dispatched and the ones working for your government, without having to look for them.
  12. All the tabs on the top could be redone to represent different branches of your government. Keeping track of what ships you have, how many, where they are, how to upgrade them (at once) was a lot easier in gal civ II from what I remember.
  13. The repeat button for missions for the shipyard doesn't work, it is greyed out when the shipyard is preparing a mission. I remember those being repeatable automatically.
  14. An auto upgrade button on the planet screen so I can turn off auto upgrades. The manual stated that there was one in the colony tab of the civilization menu but I couldn't find it there either.

And now last but not least some things I noticed in the ship designer:

  1. Two buttons that allow you to go through the last few changes you made in the ship designer.
  2. The ability to take a part from the design and move it to another hard point. I believe this could be done in gal civ II.
  3. An option to copy a part with the exact same dimentions would be nice. From what I remember from gal civ II once you set a part how wanted it you could keep adding it until you selected a new part.
  4. The gizmos showing the correct dimensions, sometimes the colouring is wrong. This might be because I've moved some parts in strange ways, gal civ II had this sometimes as well.
  5. Let the yellow block of the gizmos scale with the size of the part because the smaller parts often dissapear completely in it. If that happens you have to make the changes you want to, deselect the part to see if you like it, and then reselect and adjust it if you need to.
  6. Some way to navigate through all the parts. There are a lot more of them than in II, maybe a list of favourite parts could help to find the ones you use the most for a given set of ships. Also it would be helpfull if it was easier and more straightforward to create and store your own parts.
  7. Lastly, this isn't really a UI thing but I found the shipdesigner to be very dark and one side of the ship you're designing is always in shadows. I think it would really help to see what you are doing if your design was brightly lit on both sides.

I would like to hear other peoples idea's about the UI. I've lurked here for quite some time, I decided to post here after I read the post about the goals for the game in 2019. I would really like his game to be the best game it can be. It certainly is a lot more engaging then when it first came out, but there still are many bugs and things missing like some of the UI elements mentioned here. At first I wanted to make a thread about the strenghts and weaknesses of gal civ III compared to it's competition like Stellaris and Endless Space 2. I still may do that in the near future, I thought it would be best to start simple since I've never posted here before.