Various inconsistencies in the Ship Designer

Posted on Friday, January 4, 2019

I've started playing around a bit in the Ship Designer and I've found a few inconsistencies that I'd like to highlight.

Firstly, I've noticed that the icon of several designs are not the same as the main model. 

This is most obvious with some of the drones (a few examples below)


Terran Guardian Drone

Terran Drone Interceptor

Drengin Pillager Drone

Drengin Blister Interceptor

Yor Glitch Drone

Yor Bug Interceptor

But also a few other more subtle ship types too (a few more examples below)


Onyx Knight


Snathi Watcher

There are also a few models in the United Earth faction that are the same as the Terran Alliance models. These really don't feel coherent with the rest of the faction and it would be great to see these few remaining hold overs updated.

United Earth Explorer

United Earth Guardian Drone

United Earth Drone Interceptor

(notice that these drones are showing the correct icon)


Finally, the United Earth starbases and shipyards are also identical to the Terran Alliance ones. It would be really nice to see these updated too.


Terran Shipyard and Starbase

United Earth Shipyard and Starbase

It would be fantastic to see these updated in time for the next expansion (sooo pumped )