3 mods in 1 project based on UCP using GRM and Saladin

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Horemvore Gauntlet and GANG

*******If you want to help me or correct any errors you think I made please comment******

Hopefully this works and we can have all the races from three MODS !!

tried to figure it out with past help from the pros and guesswork

I added GRM ships and factions including Saladins 100 to UCP gameplay. I edited the globaldefs by changing 2 to 4 in traits . . I added GRM systemdefs = I had to copy ONLY the GRM part and add it to UCP systemdefs. I did not copy the entire globaldef or system def file.

copied GRM files 0-GRM GC3AppearanceDefs More, 0-GRM GC3AppearanceDefs, GalCiv3GraphicsDefs from core to core file.

added all GRM specific files from game to game file. example - 0-GRM RDM FactionShipStyleSetDefs and the GRM abilities ONLY so the extras will appear along with UCP


then I was able to see all the wonderful races with all ships - now you can add 2 more abilities if u wish !!

I will let you guys know if it crashes - probably will cuz I am not experienced with this - TRY IT YOURSELF  and good luck

Hope this helps everyone to use UCP , GRM races & ships, Saladins Races (uses GRM ships).


I did this because Horem made changes to the AI to make it play better and I wanted more races so here we go....gonna need all 32gb of ram now

when I am done I will see if I can upload it for others, if the authors are ok with that.


Happy New Year