CPRB mod (Custom Color Picker)

QoL tool

Posted on Monday, December 24, 2018

I finally could get around to fine-tune this cool toy enough to share it with anyone that might be interested.

Sooooo, here's the essentials in a few paragraphs...

What & Why

Basicly, it replaces the slacky default GFX file from Stardock  with a sturdy but direct device that offers subjective precision along with a swift palette of various concepts including "Map & Ship Colors" referencing panels (left and right of my custom swatches section). See sample image further below.

The basic idea is that their system via mouse point/click (pixel sized!) doesn't really give us rapid reliable contexts to create a thematic set of any constant groups. It's chaotic at best. I just needed something more intuitive and stable with safe access to a somewhat limited set. I won't get deep into basic color theory to explain.. but if you are familiar with WebSafe or CMYK/RGB models, you'll soon realize my gradients & anything else on that toyish component gives plenty enough controls over the visual outputs while sparing off on the previous cumbersome solutions.

Worth noting is the Alpha Channel  exploit that you can detect while the background animation fleet zooms behind. There are 21 extra black slots (stuff being formal 32b PNG.. you could edit/add your favorites at will!) on the far right & twelve more Grey spots aside from the Spectrum bar (which is essentially the whole SD picker in a compressed area, btw). The entire Primary/Secondary cycles and TerraCotta combos are there too.
Nothing else is necessary since the RGB sliders are still available anyway.

Grab it from this DropBox link --- CPRB zip file.


Relatively simple.. unzip it into the Mods folder most likely located under this path;
C:\Users\*Your ID*\Documents\My Games\GC3Crusade\Mods\ ... Here

Enjoy this small gift  from...

-- Zyxpsilon (Now, i am going to the major other project XC-AL tasks!!)

PS; Any requests or questions, feel free to add your comments below.