Ship Style Set Question [SOLVED]

Posted on Sunday, December 2, 2018

So, before I had updated my game and purchased the Intrigue expansion, I was using the Universal/Raider ship style for my custom race. (My custom race was made the old fashioned way, not with the civilization builder) I never l;iked the look of the starbases, shipyard, and a few ships. So I modded the DLC5_ShipStyleSetDefs.xml and the DLC5_ShipClassDefs.xml. Changed the starbases, shipyards, and a few of the ships, and everything worked fine. After the update, the DLC5_ShipClassDefs.xml file was removed and is now a part of the GC3 ShipClassDefs.xml. So I made the same changes to the ShipClassDEfs.xml, but the ships don't even show when starting a game. The shipyard and starbase changes are still there, but they are being controlled by the DLC5_ShipStyleSetDefs.xml. I mainly changed the survey ship, the colony ship, and the constructor ship. This is my entry for the constructor in the ShipClassDefs.xml




I'm assuming that now I have to edit another file somewhere, that I didn't have to before, but I can't seem to figure out what file or entry needs to be added/changed to accept these changes. Any help or suggestions?