QoL suggestions..

HUD feedback functions

Posted on Monday, November 19, 2018

Back to GC gameplay.. big sale recently!
Maybe someone will remember what i modded back then for GC2 expansions -- XWorlds packs (X-Com races, Planets, Fleets, etc)... so take what i'm suggesting below in proper context please.

The generic UI/HUD structure would require various QoL assets & custom components to offer us relatively important feedback functions;

1) Map Pins and Events Reminders  (Crisis, Planning +++) .. either straight on the galaxy or into the shortcut Viewer/Box as interactive "Icons" with search/define/list functionalities, etc. That's basicly "Rally Point" system of custom gimmicks that helps control normal conditions.

2) Current Game Setup Summary  (Simply everything ++) .. mimics the pre-game settings and should help recall whatever options we previously selected for our current "Save" cycle. I often forget how/which many variable details only to realize what's happening (or NOT!) when i have soooo few inhabitable planets (RARE instead of COMMON). Many more aspects could be exploited within that top-menu pickerbox. Similar to what [VICTORY] does for gameplay conditions & how that sort of feedback system can make or break a good experience & our optimal choices.

That's just it for now. I've been experimenting with the overall features for about a week now and thus, i might find other stuff to share with Devs (even talented Modders) but the above two "requests" should be considered priorities, IMHO.

PS; And yes i've been exploring the possibility to port some X-Com (factions, A-Liens) mod devices.

Here's an early FG attempt..
Bradford & Vahlen