Conclusion after a couple of games from an old SpaceEmpire gamer ...

Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2018


have played Space 4X games from the very beginning (C64/Amiga) including SpaceWardHO - MoO - Space Empire V and at last the dissapointing Stellaris ...

GC3 is in a good tradition with the great games of the 4X timeline, i like it much  

... but have a couple of draw-backs ..

First the most big for my player friends, to play multiplayer - the max size of the galaxy is "way to small" ...

I was happy to the gigantic size in singleplayer - and realy shocked on the cripled max size in multiplayer .... hope this will be incrased in the not so distant future ..... the enhusiasmus in my friend group is significant dropped with this way smaler available galaxy size in multiplayer .................. (and so the willingness to spend money on the game ...)

The things that are additionaly missing :

Ship upgrades on ship yards should significant cheaper as "on the wild in space" (the ship upgrade in space should be restricted to small changes only ... it is simply insane to full refitt an big ship in space without an dock ..)

It should be possible the fly away fron an battle if your ship(s) have enough tactical speed ... (maybe variable chance..)

An history of the messages you get would be nice .... (research finished/messages from other civs/galnet msg ...)


Thats all for the biggest draw-backs from my point of view - it is a couple of small things too, but thats not important....