Crusade modding questions

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I usually play with custom civs just copied in-game from the standard factions, with changed leaders, logos etc.


1. When playing those I get standard Terran citizens though - how do I tell the game to use my own custom portraits for them instead?


2. I also get the human science guy, except in few cases where I get a robot - is this governed by settings like "synthetic" etc.?


3. Can I use the in-game editor to create/use a *unique* ship style? For example I have 2 civs using the resistance style, but that means all designs from the 1st are showing for the 2nd too...

I tried to change the style, then upload to Steam under a new name hoping to use it then but it failed and returned some error message.


Is any of the above actually possible using the in-game civ editor, or do I need to create modded files, and change the XMLs for this?