GalCiv III v3.1 (Released 11/12)

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2018


We want to give you a small preview of the upcoming v3.1 patch.  We've improved the AI and gameplay, as well as giving our modders the ability to design their color palettes for custom factions and ships.


Synthetic AI Improvements

Synthetic races are better at killing you.  They also have decided that farming is neither relaxing or productive.  Synthetics have not only abandoned farming but now will burn arable land to clear it for improvements.

Custom Colors

You can now deck your custom content in style.  Design your own color palettes for custom factions, ships, the UI and maps.

Change Log notes

AI Improvements

  • Synthetic races are better at killing you
  • Synthetic life forms will not longer try to build farms.  Instead, they'll destroy the arable tiles to make room for something more useful to them.  
  • Crusade: AI better at gaining citizens at higher difficulty levels.


  • Fertile tiles are more common.
  • Crusade:
    • Prolific ability population growth reduced from 0.2 to 0.1 (otherwise it was basically tripling initial population growth).
    • Aururus Arberetum provides a % growth benefit instead of a flat so that a given player (such as an AI player) doesn't gain a disproportionate advantage from having one.
  • Mercenaries: Avatar mercenary antimatter cost increased from 1 to 5.
  • Intrigue: Changed the "Destroyed Planets" crisis outcomes to be only "mostly destroyed."


  • Custom Colors: Design your own color palettes for custom factions, ships, the UI and maps..  
  • Population growth now shows 2 significant digits.
  • Added a button on the title window to force sync the mods.  Use this if you have subbed/unsubbed to ships or civs outside of the game and that content isn't showing up correctly.  
  • Crusade: Shows your leader instead of the news robot on the Citizen screen.


  • Fixed a few MP crashes
  • Typo fixes: For extreme colonize, it is Barren, not Desert planet types.
  • Base Game only: AI will not try to research Crusade specific techs.  
  • Mercenaries: AI no longer tries to "mine" the Bazaar