Carrier - ultimate ship?

Posted on Monday, November 5, 2018

Just finished another run against AI in single player and it went pretty similar to games before - once I started to amass Carriers, all other designs became quite useless. 

Especially funny to observe that I can build medium hull carrier with 6 assault drones using no special resources at all, while in battle each of these 6 drones has the best missile weapon I invented on-board - well, I could not dream to afford building such things manually, but they come completely free on carrier... Oh, and they are automatically replenished over time, also completely free.

Also, I don't really need some overkill logistics to have dozens of ships in battle, since every carrier equals 6 powerful assault drones, just amassing them in one stack gives me killing swarm able to take down, hmm, anything. I tried to experiment a bit and made a few more designs just for fun, but limiting myself to just carriers seemed optimal in every situation encountered.

Do I overlook something or carriers are just so overpowered?