Good luck, Stardock!

Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Star Control is now a week away from launch and I wanted to wish Brad and all the hard-working developers on Star Control: Origins the very best of luck on their release. Over the past several months of checking forums, reading dev diaries and the like, I can really tell that Brad and his team are really into the Star Control lore and its history, both the story and the game design itself. This observation is from a guy who's not a huge adventure RPG player and (incoming heresy alert) never played any of the Star Control games back in the day (Starflight, yes!)

However, I bought SC:O fairly early in the Fleet Battles beta even though this isn't really my game genre. Because,'s Stardock, man. I mean, why wouldn't I? Dabbled around a bit and had some fun reacquainting myself with that 90's throwback style of ship battles, still quite challenging after all this time (good times, good times).  Still, Brad's excitement and the excitement of the fans on the forum have made an impression on me. They really love this franchise and as the days and weeks of development have passed, I found myself looking forward more and more to each new update. Even with the sad, sometimes-ugly lawsuit with the Star Control creators it seems that Stardock has pressed on regardless because of that love and appreciation. Now that's commitment.

Alas, the aforementioned lawsuit has created Stardock detractors and, sadly, I'm sure some of them already have their day-one-release negative Steam reviews written and ready to go in order to hurt Stardock and, more directly, all the hard-working people who have done their best to make a game that honors the spirit of one that came before it. We'll know them when we see them and I hope the team don't take this inevitable criticism to heart.

So, kudos to Brad and his Team of Incredibles for putting out what appears to this mere forum poster quite the labor of love. This seems to be a big project for Stardock and I hope you find all your effort and passion well rewarded.

Best wishes and thank you all.