Just a question in my mind (evil smile)

Posted on Saturday, July 21, 2018

Looking back at the GalCiv development, one certainly may have a question where the GalCiv 3 project would be now, if it had sane planning. 

I seriously believe we could have had THE best 4X game with the resources already spent, had the planners of this game had any brain.

I mean... Its a disaster how GalCiv changes back and forth, right and left. I do not mean to criticize, I state facts how I see 'em. 3 years now and the game is still barely playable (from bugs perspective). Interface changes, game mechanics changes, balancing for 3 years and the combat mechanics are yet to see major revamp. Combat mechanics? You mean - those very important mechanics that was supposed to be brilliant from the very start? Thats right! 

You will not get anywhere by balancing the game bit by bit and revamping it bit by bit because with new changes the old ones get new meaning. 

I mean - what those planners are thinking about?? The game has great potential and all that, but the execution of the project has been disasterous. MAYhem, as british would say now, MAYhem.