Remove map restriction

Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

After a few weeks hard work I decide to come back to one of my favorite games to play a LARGE random galaxy map.

What a shock it was to see that all map options are greyed out and I was only possible to choose between a tine and a small map.

I always played on large and even gigantic maps and with 6 GB memory and a Nvidia GTX 960 this was perfect to do with low settings. I always enjoyed playing like this. Even when I was not able to finish a map.

It's part of PC gaming for me. I played Unreal on a system with 512 MB when it came out. It crashed, it was slow etc etc

Also my Civilization maps crashes when they are getting to big. I deal with it. That's PC gaming for me.

And now all my fun is ruined because you put hardcoded restrictions to the map size I can select.

I directly uninstalled the game. I deleted my postive reviews for your other games (Sorcere King and Fallen Enchantress) I deleted Star Control from my wishlist.

You lost a customer who pay for you games.