Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Dear Devs,


i really want to know about some main bugs which you ignore for a very long time it looks like.

A couple of links in this reference to remember you:


Thats only a very little choice of topics out of your forum...

Galaxie settings and weapons graphic wants to be fix since month or over a year.

Planet Improvements still not existent (Financial Buildings, Touristic buildings and so on)
Its over 3 weeks since intrigue without any feedback.

The 3 points (Galaxy settings, weapons graphic, Planet improvements) are together sooo big that it is not really fun to play the game.

Why super mega ship designing if all ships fire only a little red dot in the battle viewer no matter which weapon i have?!)

Why so much options to create a galaxy i like to play in if the options are broken SINCE CRUSADE!

Intrigue playing.. without Planet improvements


AND AND AND much more and so on..

The most of them without feedback... WHY

You wonder about negative steam reviews! Are you reading them?

You change the dlc policie in reference to the reviews. WHY

The main topic is not to much new dlc as you give us new content to pay for without fixing those fun killing mega bugs. 

We please you since month but you do nothing. 

Also intrigue broke game mechanics but it looks like you do nothing.


I'am sure the number of negative reviews in reference to new dlc would much fewer if you fix this things quickly without 1000 of please by the player.

Or a little feedback what you will do!

It would be soooo easy! Stop wondering about negative reviews and do what all the players ask for: FIXING THE BUGS PLEASE!!!!! 

Many thanks in advance