Economy Themed Civ useless

Posted on Monday, May 7, 2018

So I decided to try my hand at a Economy themed match and realized the futility of it. By round 60 i'm netting a positive 80bc, which is amazing if I want to rush one ship on turn 160. There seems to be no point, might as well just play a warrior race because an economy race seems to only be slightly developed by turn 200.

My main problem is rushing costs a ludicrous amount of money, If anything it should cost maybe twice what the construction cost is. Also remove the amount of money you get from anomalies so that it would balance out. If a survey ship picks up an anomaly it should give like 30, so you couldn't steamroll off of reduced rush costs.

Maybe I'm building wrong but that just seems like a massive flaw in the game because it's just not do able in a timely manner, in a match against players they're not gunna sit back and let you build up that monster economy in the first place. If I'm missing something let me know.

So summary fixes.

Rushes should cost 2x the construction cost.
Starting wealth should be adjusted down to 500-1000bc
Market buildings should give +1 income as well as the percent, or at least have another building other than the bank to give the +1
Anomalies should give vastly reduced BC, 100 should probably be max

These changes would make an economy based civ decent throughout the match rather than having to get a economy that produces thousands of BC to be viable in the first place.