Little things that could really make the game better...

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2018

So the end game of Gal Civ ends up being more tedious than it needs to be.     This is a list of very minor things that would make the game more manageable with less clicky redundancy.




In GC2 there was a set rally point button.    In GCIII you can only set rally points from a ship yard for another known item like a ship yard... in a mini map that is really hard to use.   Please give us the option of setting a rally point in the middle of space and directing ships to it again.


2.  The Planet Govs cannot select the research or wealth projects.  Late game these projects only take one turn and are no longer continuous.  so I have to go back to my developed planets and click like twenty times to queue up the project and this is really annoying.  Make new projects that are continuous or give us an option to set a gov that will use them.

3.  The mission style ships are not able to be continuously built.   So the shipyards where I want to just continuously build the treasure hunters need a lot of clicking to add all of them.    All of the ships should be able to be continuously built... once you run out of resources and you can't built them then it should stop and bring it to your attention.

4.  Player built ships are not part of the upgrade string so you cannot hit the update to latest design after making a new design.


Issue 2 and 3 are the biggest micromanagement time sinks... I find myself clicking and clicking and clicking when I really aught to just be able to set the planet or ship yard to build one thing and leave it alone forever.