a few teething issues with colonies and commonwealths

Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2018

hi everyone


i am having a few issues with colonies and commonwealths and id like a bit of help understanding how to make it fun.

firstly i am finding the number of colonies for all governments just too low for me causing me to be crippled by approval, i am thinking the current number x4 to be right. before this dlc i would rush 20ish planets and gear up for war, now i am hitting walls stopping growth and just waiting for a new government to come along.

i am finding it very hard to wage war now, not because i have a smaller production base but all the useless planets that tank my approval bringing everything to a halt. i now have to just blockade planets and wait so i dont get destoryed in elections. also turn off allowing civs to surrender, someone giving you 15 planets is worse then declaring war lol

maybe they colony limit needs to be scaled for the map size? i only play on immense or bigger with tons of other civs there is just so many planets out there.

the planets i deem lesser i am making commonwealths but they seem worthless and an overall negative for me. i have tried making them strong with some good planets (even entire civs i have defeated) giving them all my best tech but they just do nothing like basic cakewalk ai. are they set to the same ai level as the opponents? i think they are set like minor civs.

because these commonwealths are just so weak other races declare war on them constantly forcing me into wars to prevent hostile civs coming into my space and setting up shop. we are allied but i dont think that is the correct relationship for me and my commonwealths because alliances aren't a binding defensive pact. i would like to see commonwealths treated like vassels in eu4 that declaring war on them is the same as declaring war on me, this would also have them give me money and/or research per turn for that protection.

i'd love to see commonwealths be as good as the major civ ai, even if we aren't locked into fighting each others wars i think funneling them resources while they weaken my enemies would be great.

what does everyone think?