Wierd Yor colonizing behavior in 2.8 Crusade

Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2018

I've been testing out some mod changes so been using FOW cheat and noticed something really odd about Yor.  The first couple colonies he took fine but then all the rest he's sending a colony ship but then stops it right next to the planet and keeps it there till some other race comes along and colonizes planet.  Then moves it to another planet and does the same thing! 

He has like 10 colonizer's out parked in front of good planets doing nothing until it gets taken then he moves his ship again.


I tested this with 'No Mods' option and it's still occuring.  I think I know why too.  The Yor is cranking out so many Colony Ships that he runs out of population to fill them but is still able to eject them from shipyard unlike human players where we get an error / warning message saying we couldn't fill the minimum amount of population needed to eject the colony ship which is 1. 

After the Yor ejects 2.  The other colony ships are empty and can't colonize so they sit at a planet till some other race colonizes.  So Yor just keeps building colonizers that can't colonize anything!

It's easy to reproduce.  I just created a tiny / small map with Yor and Human AI's  and I was Iridium Corporation.  Go to cheats and do FOW then end turn's and watch Yor sit at planets with colony ships after like the first 2.  Every now and then he will actually get another colony ship out with population on it and cap another.  But the human just takes most of them cause Yor won't send a crewed colony ship to the same planet another empty colony ship is trying to take.  I haven't noticed the same behavior with humans though.  All his ships seems to be crewed.

Is there any way I can fix this in 2.8.   Is this a known problem that's fixed in 3.0?