Timeout loading multiplayer session

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2018

Hi guys (Rhonin in particular),

First question,  I've already submitted this with all appropriate documentation and files to the support folks,  who responded saying that it had been sent to development but that I should not expect a reply anytime soon or possibly at all.   I noticed that the support tickets are "no longer being used" (from one of Rhonin's recent posts) and that I should post here.  

Has my support ticket gone to /dev/null?

In case it hasn't and you/Cari would like to get at it,  the ticket number is SOY-989-15292.

Please let me know if you'd rather I repost the gory details here.

Second question,  has *anyone* been able to load a multiplayer session at 3.0/Intrigue using the GOG version of the game?  Anytime I've tried the joiner and/or the host has simply crashed out.   I really like 3.0 and Intrigue both but MP is currently DOA.