AI speed question

ZOOOOOOOOM! "What was that?!?"

Posted on Friday, April 6, 2018

Playing on incredible difficulty, and meet aliens after 2-3 dozen turns. At this point my ships are moving 6-8 hexes per turn, and then I see an alien colony ship entering my scanner bubble with a movement rate of 18 (!)

When I talk to them I see they have about the same engine tech as I do, maybe 1 step above if that. Usually I'm ahead in engine tech.

I know the AI gets lots of money and production bonuses as you go up, but I looked and didn't see anything about speed bonuses. A couple races start with the tech that gives you mechanic, but that still doesn't account for a movement rate of 18! 

I didn't notice this until after 1.9 came out. Has anyone else seen this? If so, where can I get info on the speed bonuses per AI level?