Missing Economic Buildings in v 3.0

Posted on Monday, April 2, 2018

First, I've noticed that Market Centers" have now been made a one per planet improvement.  But have shopping centers been entirely  removed from 3.0?  I've researched the tech that still shows "shopping centers" as being one of the improvements to which a player will gain access, but shopping centers are not appearing in the queue.  Does it appear later?  Have there been changes to other economic buildings to make up for the loss?  Given that markets can only be built once, this seems to cripple the ability to build "financial center" planets with lots of economic buildings plastered in most of the available space, but I've not went far enough down the tree to know if that is made up for later or whether the new economic system simply doesn't require those kinds of extensive financial center planets.  I'm playing a custom carbon-based race.