War and Legions Post-Crusade

Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

At war!  I stuffed 10 legions into my first transport.  No legions left.  Doh!  So I started building those little red marine trainers.  

Are legions banked colony wide like food?  Or does each planet make its own, and you have to taxi them around?

Are legions consumed on invasion, or can some survive to fight another die?

Are the little red trainers the only way to produce legions, or does each planet naturally produce them over time?

Where can I look to see how many legions I have (and where they are)?

edit: on a different topic... for galaxy settings, for the exotic planets parameter, when the map is generated, are the exotic planets taken from the pool of habitable planets?  Or are they generated separately?  In other words, can I increase the max of habitable planets by setting exotic planets to common?  Or would I be reducing the number of habitable non-exotic planets by doing so?