Few More Quickies (admins and such)

Posted on Monday, March 19, 2018

1) Is number of admins from trained citizens capped?  It looks like it is, but I'm not sure.  Haven't gotten there yet.  Would be good to know.

2) Cities still.  I've finally built them, but I'm not convinced 4 food is the only requirement, nor am I convinced you always need 4 food.  Maybe there's a bug?  I think happiness is involved too, btw. 

3) Adjacency guide?  I wish each improvement listed what it would benefit from.  Sometimes I have to terraform 'blind.'

4) Are old ship designs auto-carried over to Crusade?  I don't think I'm seeing all of mine.

5) I'm not used to the ai beating me on wonder construction.  Any wonders that are must-have on ludicrous-no-victory-conditions?

- colonizer and xenophobic both seem really overpowered.